Your Affordable          Multi Services Business!!!

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                                                                                                                                                         Your Low Cost Hands and Interpretative Multi Services Business!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Multi services business that we can offer according  to our resources and availability.

Enter/Call and find out from the Jacks Of All trades!

Services have affordable fees and are in connection with philanthropy.The Mandingo Academy,Inc. is in strategic collaboration with Diomande Business!

-Computers troubleshootings.

-Certified Documents Translations in English-French, French-English, English-Mande, English-Mande; Mandekan-French, French-Mandekan.Approximate non certified translations can be done in English-Spanish,Spanish-English and in other languages…  

-Case Interpretations (About various applications).

-Computer Typings/writing of various documents.

-Trainings in Business in some areas of our services.

 -Sales of minutes/units for international calls at low cost.,Most countries are concerned.

-Legally unlockings of your own GSM phones.

-Recharging of phones throughout the world.Stay abroad and recharge the phones of your friends, brothers and families around the world.

-Payments of your various telephone bills from the following phone Companies:VerizonWireless, AT & T, Boost Mobile, T-Mobile, Simple Mobile, H2O Wireless, Cricket Wireless, Virgin Mobile, PagePlus and many more .... (With and Without Contract ),Cellulars or Landlines.

(Remote Banking Services available for deteted honest customers)....

-Learn basic Mandenkan(Mandingo Language)-(on the Internet/numeric radios for the time being and through our exposure activities).Mandingo is the most powerful and spoken language in West Africa.

-Interpretations/translations In some immigration cases.

-USA Group Travels through a Culturo-Artistic Program.

-Preparation of tax forms through interpretation.

-Computer Trainings.

-Housing Interpretations.

-Business advertisings/Promotions for small Businesses.

-Business Cards.


-Web site ads banners.

-Certain Printer Cartridge Refills.

-Filling out various applications /(Africa / America ...) through case interpretations.

-Good Conduct Acquisition Programs Through Faith and Seculo Excels available.

-Bad Conduct Elimination Programs Through Faith and Seculo Excels available.

-Sale of travel ticket (Planes, Boat ...)via interpretations.

-Programs of USA  ''Green Card'' Lottery.Verifications of success or loss in such program in due times.

-Numeric Radio Programs set up available.Sponsorship Opportunities for your business.

-Websites Constructions for your small Business/Families.Modest or sophisticated.

- Afrocentric cultural Conferences/Lectures available from Dr. Bamba upon appointments.


Call (646) 427-0847 and ask for Dr. Bamba or call Mr. Diomande at (917) 659-4562.

We are conveniently located at 2120  B 8Th Avenue (or Frederick Douglass Blvd.),Between 114Th  and 115 th Streets in New York, NY 10026.

Business Hours (Flexible): Monday about Friday: 9:30 AM-9:30PM.Samedi-Sunday (Approx.): 10 AM-9: 30 PM.

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