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The African Winanckôkrousè Alphabet.

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Understanding Ethniguistics.

Understanding Macro Authentication of the Indigenous Language(M.A.I.L.1).

Understanding Macro Alienation of the Indigenous Language(M.A.I.L.2).

Understanding Ethniguistics Diplomacy.

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The Mandingo Academy which is now refered to as the Mahou Academy,Inc.was founded on September 19, 1994 by Dr. Biyayaibé N. Séréfa Bamba(S.C.), hc. The Mahou Academy, Inc. Which was itself founded in the Abidjan State University of Côte D'Ivoire is an institution destined to authenticating the Mahou language in all its dimensions. But since Mahou is one of the numerous and direct derivative dialects of Mandingo(Mandékan), thus came the idea of Mandingo Academy to which the Mahou Academy,Inc is being transformed into. The goals and objectives remain the same. The terms Mahou and Mandé have roughly the same neaming according to Dr. Bamba. Mahou in Mandé means "the humanists" and Mandé means "the humanist"(in singular).For Dr. Bamba, hc, these terms are directly linked to the meaning of the Maat concept in Ancian Egypt and can be interchangeably used. The Mahou Academy was incorporated in the United States of America on September 19, 1994 and had its federal tax exemption status as a non-profit organization under section 501(c)(3)of the Internal Revenue Service at the same time. The african languages by in large are in serious jeopardy for three main reasons: a)the risk of vanishing for lots of them because they are no longer spoken enough by their creators b)they are becoming "Creoles"by taking more and more foreign words than it is necessary and c)most of them do not have standardized system of writing original to them.and because of these reasons, most indigenous africans do not have "confidence" in their own languages. The Mandingo Academy was created to tackle these problems head on! Today, we are proud to announce that ordinary Mahou and Mandékan(Mandingo)can be spoken in modern settings utilizing about 98% of their terms, words or phrases. The Winanckôkrousè Alphabet also allows us to write down any african language including of course Mandekan. There are lots of more works to be done. But because we have the manpower, the knowledge and the will power, we shall overcome these problems.

Our works are internationally recognized by vertue of several online web links that noticed the Existence of the Winanckôkrousè and the Mandékinhninkan Dialect of Mandenkan. The following web links, totally independenlty spearheaded and not in any way influenced by us, are indications of such international recognisations of our works:




http://www.vialo.net/themenreihe.p?c=Alphabet (See Item #701)






http://km.aifb.kit.edu/sites/corpex/data/fr/wi.txt(See Item #4)



http://www.vialo.net/themenreihe.p?c=Syst%C3%A8me%20d'%C3%A9criture (See Item #652)




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The African Winanckôkrousè Alphabet.


The term Winanckôkrousè is an african neologism which would mean "to Write" in an imaginary african language that would combine inherent syntaxic or vocabulary words of contemporary major african languages;examples of major african languages would be in the order in which appear letters of the Winanckôkrousè Alphabet: Ashante, Fula, Hausa, Swahili, Yoruba, Mandekan, Zulu...Therefore, we want the Winanckôkrousè to be considered a priori as an universal African alphabet susceptible to be used by all africans. The Winanckôkrousè can write down any of the approximate 5,000 indigenous languages and Dialects in Africa and the Diaspora.This Alphabet is original and is independent of any other world Alphabet! Both the numbers and letters are in Winanckôkrousè Characters. It was first invented by the Author in 1988 in Cote D'Ivoire(West Africa). We intend to work with the AU(African Union) and/or other African NGOs like the Mandingo Academy to possibly achieve a fully standardized writing system in the image of the black continent with in mind african authenticity and originality, to the extent feasable. Contact us if you would like your language to be written in Winanckôkrousè letters. For just a $10.00 donation you will receive your Winanckôkrousè package.This sum will help in handling the administrative costs and handlings.

The Founding President.


The Founding President of the entire concepts is Mr. Biyayaibé N. Bamba(SC) a University educated african academia now living in the United States of America. Dr. Bamba, hc who was born in Côte D'Ivoire(Ivory Coast, West Africa)is a linguistical purist when it comes to dealing with african languages. This culturally aware and socio-cultural innovator and trail blazer is constently thirsty of new knowledges and is not shy to persue them. In 26 years, he has changed the landscape of linguistics as we know it today; creation of the African Winanckôkrousè Alphabet at the State University of Côte D'Ivoire in 1988 along with the Mahou Academy; thanks to the creation of this Academy ,ordinary Mahou can be spoken today using about 98% of indigenous vocabulary words and writen with original writing system(The Winanckôkrousè). He is the author of an original african indigenous Behavioral and Martial Art style known as Ti Bah Gbehnde Koun Zou. In 1995, he spearheaded the foundation of the Mandingo Academy organization. This internationally renouned african author and scholar has also been actively involved with linguistical researches in Mandingo and other african languages since 1993. He obtained a Cultural Linguistics Doctorate(Ethniguistics)from the World University Roundtable in 2002 in the USA. Today, using the concepts of "Ethniguistics", "Macro Authentification of the Indigenous Language", "Ethniguistics Diplomacy","Mandékanfôli"(Mandingophony)...as stepping stones, we are privileged to say that he is fully capable of communicating in Mandékan with approximately 98% of indigenous Mandékan words like Mahoukan. The remaining 2% being the unknown! The taks, as a whole, are still substantial! Mandingo or Mandékan is also written using Winanckôkrousè! He is tirelessly still in pursue of the said unknown with the help of his devoted colleagues Academicians with a view to rendering the african language more competitive in the 21 Century.You may view a Mahou Poem and a Mande Poemin Winanckokrouse characters authored by him.

Members and membership.


For now, we accept two types of members at the Mandingo Academy: The members of the committee of Original research and Thinking of the Mandingo Academy(CORTMA for short)and the Ordinary members with a yearly membership fee of $25.00(US Dollars). The first year membership benefits include the Mando-Winanckôkrousè Alphabet package and an audio tape recording entitled the Mandékan talking Dictionary. Deadline for membership fee is March 16 of each year. To be accepted as CORTMA member, there are strict requirements that most people can not meet. This special Committee is the highest branch of the institution. All the members here have to show intellectual abilities, to be very creative in such manners that said creativities entered into the guidelines of "Populo-Pragmatic Linguistics"(PPL) or Ethniguistics concept of the organization. Ethniguistics is an african linguistics craft for the betterment of our languages. Because we are so concerned about african standardization, any activities conducted in the CORTMA must meet these guidelines. To become member of the CORTMA prospective members must:

*have been working actively for the Academy or a member for at least 4 years,

*have at least a college or University education, have added or proposed at least 50 acceptable new words,phrases or expressions to the treated language(s)based on our criterias,

*be Mandingophone("Mandekanphone")or other Mandekan derivative languages speaking(at least 30 of such languages),

*be a person of good moral character,

*be a Francophone or Englophone(read and write); the use of these two languages are indispensable because not only they are two world major languages, but also because they are our metalanguages number one and number two.

*be supportive of our main objectives.

The Founding President is the Executive President of CORTMA. There may be some waivers of some of the criterias to becoming a member of the CORTMA. However, no waiver may be granted unless a prospective candidate to the CORTMA membership shows good reasons why any of the requirement(s) for membership should be waived. The college education requirement may be waived for certain members who have shown remarkable interest in the institution and proved by their original contributions and hard works and who have agreed with the concept of PPL(or Ethniguistics)and have been following our guidelines very closely. But the least educational requirement shall be the High School Diploma or an equivalent degree.Honorary members may be admitted to C.O.R.T.M.A. as well at the discretion of the president. Current members of the CORTMA.

Dr. Biyayaibé N. Séréfa Bamba,

Dr Moussa Bamba,

Mr. Moussa Touré (1).

Mr. Mohamed Diomandé.

Some Mandékinhninkan speakers and/or writers(otherwise)are:

The following Mandékas often speak some words of Mandekinhninkan and/or are sympathisers(or members)to our causes:

to remain on this list, the participants have to speak some words of Mandekinhninkan continually either in the presence of Dr. Bamba or in his absence. The M.A. could monitor the level of communication of each participant as well. Stoppage of speaking some Mandékinhninkan words could cause the removal of any name from this list without prior notice to the participants.


1. Mr. Moussa Doumbia

2. Mr. Issa Camara

3. Mr. Toure Moussa (1)

4. Dr. Biyayaibe N. Serefa Bamba, hc

5. Mr. Diaby Lassana

6. Dr. Diaby Ibrahima

7. Feu Mr. Moussa Doumbia

8. Mr. The Late Awa Dore(PUH)

9. Mr. Kanvanly Cherif

10. Mr. Lassine Toure

11. Mr. Doumbia Sekou

12. Ms. Matila Bamba

13. Mrs.Nana Bamba(Mrs Cherif)

14. Mr. Mohamed Soumahoro

15. Mr. Mamadou Bamba (1)Billas) 1

16. Mr. Mamadou Bamba 2

17. Mr. Mamadou Kanoute

18. Mr. Dramane Sanogo

19. Mr. Ali Diabate

20. Mr. Demba Diallo

21. Mr. Mory Berete

22. Mr. Mane Oumar

23. Mr. Iya Komah

24. Mr. Ladji Diaby

25. Mr. Dagnogo Klebeli

26. Mrs. Traore Djenebou

27. Mr. Souleymane Cherif

28. Mr. Soulymane Diabate

29. Mr. Moussa Coulibaly

30. Mr. Bineou Niakate

31. Mr. Chaka Siby

32. Mr. Aboubakar Samake

33. Mr. Ibrahim Camara

34. Mr. Moussa Sidibe

35. Mr. Mory Traore

36. Mr. Kabine Sylla

37. Mr. Soumaila Keita

38. Mr. Namory Keita

39. Mrs.Massidi Dione

40. Mr. Zoumana Cisse

41. Mr. Aboubakar Diawara

42. Mr. Tieba Ouattara

43. Mr. Master Zoumana Kante

44. Mr. Master Malick Coulibaly dit Fall

45. Mr. Simbo Adama Sangare

46. Mr. Amara Coulibaly

47. Mr. Moussa Konde

48. Mr. Mamourou Cisse

49. Mr. Ibrahim Toure

50. Mr. Soumaila Bemba

51. Mr. Mamadou Diaby

52. Mr. Anzoumana Tirera

53. Mr. Kassoum Doumbia

54. Mr. Siaka Soumahoro

56. Mr. Moustapha Bamba

57. Mr. Soumaila Bemba

58. Mr. Mamadou Lamine Cisse

59. Mr. Moustapha Bamba

60. Mr. Moussa Toure(2)

61. Mr. Fah Toure

62. Mr. Cheick Amed Sidibe

64. Mr. Lacine Soumahoro

65. Mr. Vassiriki Fadiga

66. Mr. Souhalio Keita

67. Mr. Camara Lacine

68. Late Mr.Bamba Mamadou

69. Mr. Yaya Bamba(1)

70. Mr. Yaya Bamba(2)

71. Mr. Inza Bamba

72. Mr. Koutoubou Kadiga

73. Mr. Vassiafa Diomande

74. Mr. Dramane Toure

75. Mr. Moumouni Koulibaly

76. Mr. Doumbia Losseni

77. Mr. Sanogo Namory

78. Mrs. Fatou Diabate

79. Mrs. Fatou Bamba

80. Mr. Souleymane Bamba

81. Mr. Mamadou Bamba(3)(Tiawe)

82. Mr. Mouktar Traore

83. Mr. Mamadou Dahoue

83. Mr. Sinaly Kalo

84. Mr. Mamadou Bamba(3)

85. Mr. Kafar Kane

86. Mr. Amidou Maiga

87. Mr. Ibrahim Cisse

88. Mr. Ibrahim Fofana

89. Mr. Sory Sacko

90. Mr. Amidou Kone

91. Mr. Idrissa Cherif Haidara

92. Mr. Mohamed Diomande

93. Mrs. Assetou Doukoure

94. Mr. Mamadou Dembele

95. Mr. Issa Cisse

96. Mr. Mamadou Kane

97. Moustapha Diaby

98. Mr. Ismael Fofane

99. Mr. Sory Toure

100. Mr. Bazoumana Dao

101. Mr. Lassana Diaby

102. Mr. Adama Kouma

103. Mr. Kone Siaka

104. Mr. Maiga Cheick

105. Mr. Mamady Kaba

106. Mr. Cisse Ousmane

107. Mr. Mohamed Diakite

108. Imam Souleymane Konante

109. Mr. Moahmed Sidibe

110. Mr. Daouda Konante

111. Mr. Souleymane Diabate

112. Mr. Salif Tounkara

113. Mr. Amara Sanogo

114. Mr. Vakantie Diarrassouba

115. Mr. Ahmed Bamba

116. Mr. Soumaila Cisse

117. Mr. Aboubakar Coulibaly

118. Mr. Mamadou Ouattara

119. Mr. Lanssana Tiene

120. Mr. Nainkailou Baradji

121. Mr. Moustapha Toure

122. Mr. Sora Yara

123. Mr. Adama Doumbia,Fakoly

124. Mr. Yaya Diakite

125. Mr. Mamadou Dembele

126. Mrs. Ada Macalou

127. Mr. Sory Toure

128. Mr. Aboudramane Diaby(Terry)

129. Mr. Issa Cisse

130. Mr. Mamadou Coulibaly

131. Mr. Adama Cisse

132. Mr. Youssouf Traore(RDR)

133. Possibly John and Jane Does of Dr. Bamba's former TV show on Channel 26 in elsewhere including his radio show at sagataabe.net, his former Doundoun radio shows, his Show of The International Mande Radio(Being transformed into Cote D'Ivoire's Diaspora Radio, USA) his Mandékinhninkan show of the Jacques Roger's Show in USA and Diaspora PanAfrica Radio, USA. Listen to podcast below.

Memership application form.


Last Name:

First Name:




Zip code:


Phone number:

Father Afro-language:


Level of education:

African languages spoken:

Other languages spoken:

Do you speak and write Mandingo?:

Alphabet(s) used:

Reason(s) forapplying for membership:

Country of residence:

Does the good moral character requirement apply to you?:

What type of membership are you applying for?:

Do you wish to receive MA's newsletters in the Mail?:

How did you know about our existence?:

Do you know or use an other African Alphabet beside Winanckokrouse?:

What are you doing presently to promote african cultures?:

Final comments or suggestions:

P/s:When e-mail screen pops up,after pressing "SUBMIT QUERY",just press "SEND"
bellow if you don't wish to send any additional message(s) therein.

Our Main Goals.


The Mandingo Academy(MA for short)is an african centered organization which is however open to any nationality. We want to authenticate the major african languages and write them down through this original contemporary african Alphabet: The African Winanckôkrousè Alphabet. We expose people to our ongoing research activities through some socio-cultural programs. What are being done here are efforts from the MA to render african language(s) speacable in modern environments by all the people that speak them(native or non native); to warn the africans that our languages are becoming "creoles" and to propose concrete and adequate solutions to control the damages. The most significant aspect of these new approaches to linguistics and of our works is their conflict prevention potential. The FP(Founding President)calls it "Ethniguistics Diplomacy"; many african tribes are blood brothers and sisters but do not know it for lack of linguistical education: we meant the languages they speak are often profoundly similar both structurally and semantically. So by closely studying more of these languages or dialects we could tell which ones are from the same family of languages and even tell which ones derived from which ones, taking of course into account the historical greatness of their respective peoples. We will then massively spread the news as to what folks are more or less related and to explain to the concerned tribes that they have no reasons to having animosities against one another. From the previous reasonings, one can theoretically make the assumption that process may well help us brake many of the tribal barriers, tensions and therefore fightings that exist today throughout Africa and the rest of the world. This preoccupies us a great deal! For instance, Mahou is a direct derivative language of Mandékan.

As a matter of fact, Mahou means "the humanists(in plural), Mandé(the humanist in singular)and Bambara means conservative humanist(in singular).

Some Mahou people who became aware of this information years ago now respect the Mandéka(Mandingo people)and treat them as their direct brothers; but so far many other Mahou folks do not yet know this in Cote D'Ivoire(Ivory Coast)and elsewhere for example. We strongly need to spread around the words not only for Mahou and Mandingo but also for other african languages. And also because of the growing african populations in the Americas and other african diasporas,showing that most african tribes possess languages belonging to the same family of languages as others can be a unifying factor and create less hostilities and divisions among the very diverse ethnic groups. The results of burying a good chunk of tribalism wether it be in Africa, Asia, in the sub continent of India or anywhere else can only be rewarding!!! As such, strong and unified communities are more likely to be self reliant rather than depend on government assistance or become burdens of society. Another "Ethniguistical"approach to preventing conflict or societal tensions that we are persueing is the implementation of our "Courteous indigenous Language"ideas; here we simply enrich the indigenous languages with more courtesy oriented phrases, expressions or words. We found out that about 95% of these languages do not have enough courtesy words in them; the day to day conversations are most of the time fill with vexations, angers and often non intended disrespects. In the absence of the above described Diplomacy, disrespects and vexations will remain frequent; tensions and angers can build up and lead to inter tribal or ethnic fightings like the one which lead to the Rwandan genocide that claimed the lives of at least 7000,000 men, women and children in 1994. Although we have never heard that this technic or anything similar had ever been tried before, we strongly believe it is worth making the social experiment. Knowing well that speech vexation and disrespect are not the only acts that can cause social or political strifes, it would be absurd and intellectually dishonest to point out that the said approach will wipe out all tensions in a given society. But we strongly think it may play a major role in decreasing them.Furthermore, we will help preserve some major ones of these indigenous languages and make them accepted and welcome by all its peoples(native or non native)by drastically decreasing or totally eliminating Religion oriented vocabulary words,phrases or expressions from said languages; being that all of the people that speak the said languages may not be practicing the Religion(s)which words exist in these languages. example: Mandekan(Mandingo)being a major african language with numerous derivative languages, it contains a few Moslem(Arabic words).And not all the Mandekas or the peoples whose languages derived from theirs(ALL CALL MANDEKAS)and the sympathisers are Moslems. There are Animists(Traditional African Religionists), Moslems and Christians among our peoples. So by authenticating Mandékan, we hope to accomodate all its peoples, including in this case the Moslem Mandékas. That relatively pure/authentic Mandékan is thus known as "Mandékankinhninkan"(formerly called Mandesinninkan). We see absolutely nothing wrong with using said religious words in religious settings!Their usage however outside of religious settings and among peoples with different religious faiths may not be welcome by other "Mandékanphones" of different and often opposing religious denominations. This message is not only destined to the Mandékas of continental Africa, but to every other peoples woried about the preservation of their indigenous languages. The aim here is to encourage frequent communications in the said languages, thereby creating environments conducive to their preservation, conservation and protection.

*We are adapting the letters of the Winanckôkrousè Alphabet to computer programs.so we could easily print publications using those programs. See sample writings.

*The Founding President is currently gathering datas on an original african Behavioral and Martial Art style called Tih Bah Gbehnde' Kouzou which is ultimately being perenized through the Winanckôkrousè writing style. This is within the frame works of our many Exposure Activities. After all the gatherings are complete, we hope to expose inner city youths and young adults to this unique african behavioral and martial art style. One aim in bringing the said arts in is this: one of the the dimension of Ethniguistics(or Populo-Pragmatic Linguistics)is exposing people to the results of our ongoing activities through any productive and attractive social activity; and being that the FP has a solid background in amateur Martial arts, that is why this activity was chosen. It is important to state here that the kick technics and other relevant communications are said in both Mahoukan and Mandékan, so new creations in our Ethniguistics research activities would be constantly shared during any behavioral and martial art sessions. What we intent to emphasize here is our continued practice of passing round information stating the bad effect of drugs(narcotics)on the human mind,body and spirit. A 100 page pamphlet "published" by the MA and authored by Biyayaibé N. Bamba better describes how intertwined are these ideas which have in fact developped into a full blown trilogy. With a $50.00 tax deductible donation, we will send you a copy of it. Also our "Talking Mandingo dictionnaries are out!!These are a series of tape recordings with Mande difficult, new and ordinary vocabulary words in them for just $10 each(including shipping and handling). They come in French-Mahou, French-Mande,English- Mande. Here you can encounter words, phrases and expressions you never encountered before and you can familiarize yourself with Mandékinhninkan(the more africanized and original Mandékan). A significant Exposure Activity is The International Fund For the Exposure et Protection of Proboscis Monkey(IFEPPM) created on June 20, 2013 in New York City by Dr. Bamba. You may learn more about the Fund at the following Link:

http://mandekansebeli.bravejournal.com/entry/123801. These offers are subject to product availabilities at the time of inquiries/requests from potential members.

Understanding Ethniguistics.

Ethniguistics commonly known as Populo-Pragmatic Linguistics is a new Academic Linguistics field of the people, for the people and by the people. Far from excluding any so called educated peoples or academia, t targets the enlightened common folks. It is an attempt to demistify Linguistics as we know it today; making linguistics simple, fun, attractive and more importantly ultra pragmatic are the main ideas that constitute Ethniguistics.

Understanding Macro Authentication of the Indigenous Language(M.A.I.L.1).


MAIL 1 is an Etniguistics methodology through which any indigenous language can be highly rendered original structurally, semantically or otherwise. Here we put an emphasis on gradually and surely eliminating any foreign words borrowed by the people of the language by replacing them with their equivalence in the treated indigenous language. Here no preference must be given to any foreign language. Mainly using the Ethniguitics concept like the "Non Hostile and Paliative Communication(N.H.P.C.)", Ethniguists should be able to spread their new indigenous words to prospective audience(s). In the US, an example of such audience(s)is Fassoko, a Mahou non profit fraternal Association. And a direct consequence of the concept of MAIL1 is MPUIL(Macro Promotion and Usage of the Indigenous Language); when applied to Mandékan, we obtained the new concept of "Mandingophony" or "Mandekanfo^li"as MPUIL only applies to major Indigenous languages. To this effect, I am proposing to the Pan African Communities around the world the idea of Pan African language museums tailored to all major languages of the Continent and its Diasporas. This effort will obviously require lots material and financial means to accomplish.... Mandingophony(or Mandekanfo^li)will be much easier if Mandébakan(Primiry Mandekan)was to be officially chosen by african leaders in West Africa as the West African Lingua Franca. The Mandingo Academy has stated a cyber space/virtual and radio campaigns in reference to this. Follow the following French language link to find out more:

http://mandekansebeli.bravejournal.com/entry/123780. There is absolutely no doubt that the de facto Lingua Franca of west Africa today is Mandebakan(Primary Mandekan)!!! Read arguments in that link to that effect.

Understanding Macro Alienation of the Indigenous Language(M.A.I.L.2).


With multilateral and multilevel colonialisms and neo colonialisms in Africa and other parts of the world by England, France, Spain, Portugal, the Arab world, and thanks to modernism, the world indigenous languages are more and more losing ground; they have borrowed and are borrowing more foreign words than ever before. If these trends continue, many of said languages are going to simply vanish!Most of these indigenous languages contain significant clues for historical informations and knowledges. My discovery through Etniguistics thinkings that Adam and Eve(Adama oni Awa)were both black africans corroborates this assertion. The copyrighted and historical publication also available on CD only cost $20.00. See the Universe diverse Web site for more details. Or you could just Google Universediverse to find the link to the site. As another Ethniguistical methodology, MAIL2 sheds the light on how through basic misinformation and sometimes intellectual lasyness and/or pressures, the indigenous people and others deteriorate their own language(s)by borrowing more foreign words than it should be necessary, thereby putting in jeopardy the preservation of their original foundations. Continued lingual neo-colonialisms are also at fault.

Understanding Ethniguistics Diplomacy.


Ethniguistics Diplomacy is a thought out Ethniguistical approach to conflict prevention in third world countries and other parts of the world. Here we can use Ethniguistics to fight the often false ideas of tribal belonging and put in place Ethniguistical measures to prevent tensions and vexations in day to day living. It is a poignant Diplomacy that can surely put sanity in the day to day living of indigenous and other non indigenous people by even saving lives!!!

Programs and activities.


The Mandingo Academy(Mahou Academy)is, as we write, an active non profit organization. Like any organization, we implement or programs through a variety of activies. At appropriate times, our meetings are/were held in the New York State Adam Clayton Powell Building in New York City. These meeting were important in a sense that they allow us to spread our new findings to our members and sympathisers. Also during these meetings and other public and private gatherings, we collect language datas for analysis. The principal languages are the "Mandébé"(Mandékan) group of language and specially standard Mandékan. The Winanckôkrousè Alphabet however is adapted to any african language and can write almost all of them. We are ready to work with any african group(s)or individual(s) that believe in our ideals(Originality, Solidarity, Standardization). Mandingo classes for beginers, intermediate and advanced students are available at request at our New York city meeting site, where students and sympathisers are exposed to The Winanckôkrousè and new exiting Mandékan sounding vocabulary words. We are talking about pure Mandekan of Mandé(containing no English, no Spanish, no French or Arabic words) for ordinary Mandékas or sympathisers! The kind of Mandékan that make the most purists of the Mandékas salivate for. Our Internet forum program is now running and is also an educational tool to allow members and/or sympathisers to express their ideas only in Mandékan and also learn new words and concepts. You may visit the Mandékan forum at the above link. We seize the opportunity of these socio-intellectual activities(lectures, forums, debates...)to pass round government published information about the negative effects of narcotics on the body and mind the good health of which is indispensable to any fine intellectual endeavours!

So this is the Mandingo Academy reminding you NOT to do drugs(Narcotics)! All social indicators show that they render our lives and the ones of our loved ones painful and destroy them! If you are presently on Drugs and want to break your addiction, please seek help! A mind can hardly be awakened and aware unless it is clear and clean. Seek help. You could kick your bad habit(s)by either using the motivational creations called Faith Excel or Seculo Excel! For more informations, visit the Universe Diverse's Web site or just Google or Yahoo the phrase "universediverse" , "Dr. Bamba's Blog" or simply search the topic on line.

Visit the link here!

The above site has been build and is maintained by Dr. Biyayaibé N. Séréfa Bamba. Learn there how you could achieve absolutely anything achievable through Faith Excel and Seculo Excel!


Work Opportunity at Mandingo Academy and how to contact us.




How to contact us.

For more information on our activities, programs or goals please feel free to contact us. we will respond as soon as we can.E-Mail:

[email protected]

Dr. Biyayaibe N. Bamba.

Address:The Mandingo Academy

Triborough Station,

P.O. Box 1692 New York,N.Y. 10035-0815.

Attn:Dr. BIYAYAIBE N. SEREFA BAMBA.1(646)427-0847.


Samples of the African Winanckokrouse Alphabet Writing.

Sample 1.



Sample 2.


Listen to a Mandingo message from the President.(you may need speaker(s))Click this link.


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Polls about african language authenticity.

Please write all responses in forms and press submit. And if you happened to have already answered these questions before in our street polls, please don't answer twice or more times. And please refrain from taking part in this session twice or more times whatever your answers may be.
Do you agree with us in removing french words from Mandingo, Yes or No ?

Do you agree with us in removing English words from Mandingo, Yes or No ?

Do you agree with us in removing Arabic words from Mandingo, Yes or No ?

Do you agree with us in removing all three languages' words from other indigenous african languages, Yes or No ?

Do you agree with the idea of an original sub-saharaen African Alphabet like the Winanckokrouse to write down our languages, Yes or No ?

Are you a male or a female?

Possible explainations:

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If the "SUBMIT QUERY" button is not responding, you may do the following: 1/ select and copy the polling informations;2/click on our e-mail link bellow; and 3/paste the poll information onto the e-mail text box, type in your answers and send the poll to our e-mail address. Thanks for your cooperation.

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Some usefull links.


Click the FIRST LINK below to view the blog of the founding president

http://mandekansebeli.bravelog.com |

http://www.afrikaworld.net/ afrel/index.html|


http://www.africaonline.com| http://www.un.org |

http://www.yahoo.com | Http://www.africa-union.org |

http://ins.usdoj.gov |

http://www.altavista.com |

http://www.africamaat.com |

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http://universediverse.webs.com/universediverse.htm |

Radio Sagataabe[Our sister Station].

http://www.sagataabe.net |

Some links of Radio Douhndouhn's former Podcasts are seen below for you to enjoy;Radio Douhndouhn is now Radio Cote D'Ivoire USA and Diaspora. all of them are broken today. Sorry. Now just a show of past robustness in activities.

Douhndouhn Radio Station of the Mandingo Academy, Inc.(mandekinhninkan 3 Podcast

Douhndouhn Radio Station of the Mandingo Academy,Inc.:English 1 Podcast!

Douhndouhn Radio Station of the Mandingo Academy,Inc.:Mahoukinhninkan 2 with Artist Moussa Toure(Podcast)!

Douhndouhn Radio Station of the Mandingo Academy,Inc.:Journalist Makane as Guest 2:In French(Podcast)!

Douhndouhn Radio Station of the Mandingo Academy,Inc.:Community news/infos 2:(Mahou/Mande/English/French Podcast)Death announcements!

Douhndouhn Radio Station of the Mandingo Academy,Inc.:Mandekinhninkan 11:(Podcast)Adama blakan Awa manin!

Douhndouhn Radio Station of the Mandingo Academy,Inc.:Mandekinhninkan 12:(Podcast)Mandekinhninkan soumouhns do^hou!

Douhndouhn Radio Station of the Mandingo Academy,Inc.:Mandekinhninkan 13:(Podcast)Mandekinhninkan soumouhns do^hou!

Douhndouhn Radio Station of the Mandingo Academy,Inc.:Mandekinhninkan 14:(Podcast)Mandekinhninkan soumouhns do^hou!

Douhndouhn Radio Station of the Mandingo Academy, Inc.:Mandekinhninkan 15:(Podcast)Mandekinhninkan soumouhns do^hou!

Douhndouhn Radio Station of the Mandingo Academy, Inc.:Mandekinhninkan 16:(Podcast)Mandekinhninkan soumouhns do^hou!

Douhndouhn Radio Station of the Mandingo Academy, Inc.: Journalist Makane 1:(Podcast)Mandekinhninkan soumouhns do^hou!

Douhndouhn Radio Station of the Mandingo Academy, Inc.: Mandekinhninkan 17:(Podcast)Mandekinhninkan soumouhns do^hou!

Douhndouhn Radio Station of the Mandingo Academy, Inc.: Mandekinhninkan 18:(Podcast)Mandekinhninkan soumouhns do^hou!

Cote D'Ivoire Diaspora Radio, USA of the M.A.,Inc.:(Podecast 1).

Cote D'Ivoire Diaspora Radio, USA of the M.A.,Inc.:(Pocast 2).

Cote D'Ivoire Diaspora Radio,USA of the M.A., Inc.: (Pocast 3).

Cote D'Ivoire Diaspora Radio,USA of the M.A., Inc.: (Pocast 4).

Cote D'Ivoire Diaspora Radio,USA of the M.A., Inc.: (Pocast 5).

Cote D'Ivoire Diaspora Radio,USA of the M.A., Inc.: (Pocast 6).

Cote D'Ivoire Diaspora Radio,USA of the M.A., Inc.: (Pocast 8).

Cote D'Ivoire Diaspora Radio,USA of the M.A., Inc.: (Pocast 9).

Cote D'Ivoire Diaspora Radio,USA of the M.A., Inc.: (Pocast 10).

Cote D'Ivoire Diaspora Radio,USA of the M.A., Inc.: (Pocast 11).

Cote D'Ivoire Diaspora Radio,USA of the M.A., Inc.: (Pocast 12).

VCote D'Ivoire Diaspora Radio,USA of the M.A., Inc.: (Pocast 13).

Cote D'Ivoire Diaspora Radio,USA of the M.A., Inc.: (Pocast 14).

Cote D'Ivoire Diaspora Radio,USA of the M.A., Inc.: (Pocast 15).

Cote D'Ivoire Diaspora Radio,USA of the M.A.,Inc., Inc.: Pocast 16).

Cote D'Ivoire Diaspora Radio,USA of the M.A., Inc.: (Pocast 17).

Cote D'Ivoire Diaspora Radio,USA of the M.A., Inc.: (Pocast 18).

Cote D'Ivoire Diaspora Radio,USA of the M.A., Inc.: (Pocast 20).

Cote D'Ivoire Diaspora Radio,USA of the M.A.,Inc.( Pocast 21; Glatote`(Glalogie),with Prof. Sompohi,Dr. Massa and Dr. Bamba).

Cote D'Ivoire Diaspora Radio, USA of the M.A., Inc.:(Pocast 22:Mandekinhninkan).

Cote D'Ivoire Diaspora Radio, USA(Synchronized with the Jacques Roger Show)of the M.A., Inc.( Pocast 23;Glatote`(Glalogie), with Prof. Sompohi, Dr. Massa and Dr. Bamba:09/30/2012).

Diaspora PanAfrica Radio, USA of the M.A., Inc.:(Pocast 23:Mandekinhninkan Yirali of 10/11/2012).

Listen to some podcasts of Diaspora PanAfrica Radio, USA Station of the Mandingo Academy, Inc. on your cell phone or home phone by composing the following numbers: 1(530)881-1300.Access code:858989#.

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